You are a Winner
December 27, 2015, 8:55 AM

Greetings in Jesus Name!

    Today is the last weekend of 2015! Next Sunday when we gather together the calendar will have changed, and it will be a brand new year. It's hard to imagine that this year has already come to the closing hours. The history books of our lives will soon turn the page for a new year. Everything that we have accomplished in 2015 will forever be written. So I ask you, how would you define your life in 2015? That's a question that too often we refuse to answer. One reason could be that we see so many areas that we could have improved in, while perhaps another reason is we see so many mistakes, starting with a broken New Year's resolution so many months ago! 
    Greater Life Church, I would like to answer that question for you. I define you as a Winner! A Winner? How you might ask, knowing there were many times you know you lost. But still I say you are a Winner, and the reason is very simple. You see, being a Winner doesn't mean you didn't lose, it just means you won more than you lost! How do I know you are a Winner? You are still here! The fact that you showed up this morning proves you are a Winner, in spite of your failures, mistakes, and flat out omissions. You are here, and because you refused to stop you have the distinct privilege of starting the year 2016 a Winner!
                Let's be all we can be in 2016!
God Bless,
Pastor Boone 

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